Early review of papers and certification

Students and researchers who need to get their papers reviewed and certified earlier should do the followings:

  • - Submit paper through your user panel.
  • - By sending the features of paper (title of paper, name of authors and author code) request the early review via sending an E-mail to the conference secretariat.
  • - The result of the review will be notified to the corresponding author 5 days after submitting the paper. Therefore, the author should refer to his / her user panel at the specified time.
  • - Upon final acceptance of the paper, pay the conference fee online.
  • - Immediately after payment, the paper admission certificate can be downloaded and submitted in the user Panel.

It is worth to mention that the CD of papers and the original printed certification will be sent to the corresponding author's mailing address after the conference. Since the criterion for certification issuance is solely the information recorded in the paper submission form available on the site, researchers should write the full paper title, author's names, etc. during the paper registration and match with your own paper.

Obviously, the user is responsible for any contradiction in this regard and the secretariat is not liable in this regard.