Conference introduction

The rapid changes and global challenges in today's world and new approaches in presenting and applying teaching and research patterns in various sciences have led to the advancement of human knowledge in various fields of science and technology. The first priority of this conference is the exchange of modern knowledge and the transfer of experiences, the expression of challenges and the presentation of solutions and the application of research results in different fields of science and technology.

This conference seeks to create an efficient and dynamic space inspired by the past and a view of future, addressing the need for the development and use new science and technology and their effective use and interaction and consider the thoughts of scholars and researchers need special attention.

This conference plays an important role in sharing knowledge and exchanging experience among professors, experts and graduates of these fields, and the organizers hope that the results of this event and its achievements in can be a valuable step towards achieving the desired goals the short and long term.

The event aims to "build and sustain national and international discourses on concepts and theories, explore challenges, exchange information and present new research achievements among scholars, researchers, craftsmen and students" with the effective support of institutions, organizations and academic meetings are held.

Therefore, all professors of universities and research centers and students are invited to participate in this scientific event to present their latest achievements in the relative field, in order to review the strategies for effective and efficient use of these achievements and the necessary planning can be performed to develop and evolve the conducted researches and use it for scientific development of country.