Conference Goals

The conference intends to present its scientific and applied potentials to enhance the quality level as well as to assess the educational needs and requirements and by identification of attitudes, new experiences and analysis of theoretical and applied dimensions of these fields analyze and investigate them.


The most important goals of this conference are:

  • + Challenges of specialized fields in conference related topics
  • + Provide an opportunity to exchange information and present new research achievements among scholars, researchers, craftsmen, students and authorities.
  • + Establish and sustain national and international discourses on concepts and theories
  • + Encourage all active and effective organs and individuals to use new technologies
  • + Hold consultative meetings, discussions and present practical experiences
  • + Enhance the level of knowledge of the general public in related fields
  • + Establish much communication between science centers and executive agencies to meet industry goals and progress.
  • + Encourage the private sector to use scientific research and new technologies
  • + Create a suitable platform for transferring new knowledge and technologies to the country
  • + Develop and promote R&D culture in related fields
  • + Examine new ideas and technologies in conference themes format
  • + Introducing students, researchers and scholars to current topics and latest research
  • + Introduce new thematic concepts and promote the goals of the conference