Which organization holds this conference?

The conference is held by Kharazmi Institute of Higher Science and Technology, Daneshpazhuh Cultural and Scientific Institute, Andisheh Farda International Educational and Research Institute, Iranian Institute of Science and Engineering Studies, Pars International Conferences Development Center and Mehr Institute of Science and Technology in Tehran with the collaboration of 10 universities and domestic and international science centers and professors from 15 universities in Iran.

Do I have to pay registration fee when submitting a paper?

No - Wait for the arbitration (acceptance / non-acceptance) answer after submitting the original file.  When the results have been announced, if your paper is accepted and wish to obtain a conference certificate, you will have to pay the registration fee.

Do you have to follow the writing style of papers?

Yes, please be sure to have the conference header and be defined based on standard items. (Download the docx file of Farsi and English writing from the "Paper Writing" menu)

Is it obligatory to present abstract in English in the file?

No there is no obligation

Is it possible to judge papers faster? (To get accept and send to the university)

Yes, upload the abstract and the body of your paper on the site and contact the secretariat or email the secretariat of the conference and announce the status, and 5 days later, be informed of the acceptance of your paper in your user system.

How much does it cost to register for a conference?

Please refer to the conference website and the "Registration Fees" section.

Is it possible to submit papers in English?

Yes, but if your paper is to be accepted as lecture you must submit it in English on the day of the conference.

What is the type of paper presented at the conference?

1- Lecture: The corresponding author should submit the paper on the day of the conference.

2. Posters: Prepare your poster file as per PowerPoint standard and send it to Secretariat. These files will be printed by the Secretariat and will be inserted on the day and site of the conference.

Is it possible to get a certificate early?

Yes, if your paper is finalized, a temporary certificate will be sent to you once you pay the fee and complete the registration.

Is it possible to attend the conference online?

Yes, conference registration is done as face to face and online. In the case of an in-person registration that is also priced differently, the conference package including a certificate of acceptance and submission of papers, a paper registration certificate in Kharazmi Scientific Database, and a CD of conference papers Intensive conference proceedings, will be sent to the corresponding author's mail address within 15 working days after the conference.

The subject of my paper is……… Can I submit my paper to this conference?

Please visit the website to view conference topics. If the subject of the paper is included in the headings, you can submit your paper, otherwise no.

How shall I pay?

You will first visit the conference website and after logging in with your username and password you will be logged in to your page and select the "Registration and Payment Services" to go to the new page. Pay bills for papers, workshops, other conference services, etc. here.

Can I send the paper to the conference e-mail?

No, not at all. Be sure to submit your paper from the system. Papers that are emailed will not be submitted to the arbitration process unless they have been reasonably coordinated with the Secretariat.

How do I know the status of my paper?

After submitting the paper, go to your system status section of the paper and find out the results of the paper review. Also, the E-mail of paper stage change is sent to you.

Can we attend the workshops of this conference?

Refer to the "Educational Workshops" menu for details and additional information.